Here's what you need to know about me! I'm a home-body who loves to jump in the car and go for fun weekend trips, discover new places, and spend time with my amazing hubs and our pup Hershey! Our day to day lives keep us so busy that the most important thing to me in the world is spending time together and with our friends and families. They play such a major part in my life, and I can't thank them enough everyday for the love and support they've given me over the years. Photography is what I've always dreamed of doing and they've played such a huge role in making those dreams come true! 

I'm a wedding photographer based out of Atlanta, GA. I've lived pretty much all up and down the East Coast, so I am no stranger to travel, though I will always be a Georgia Peach at heart!

the gal behind Linden Bloom Photo!


Fun Facts

1. I am a hopeless romantic & my favorite holiday is Valentine's Day!

2. You will never not find me without a cup of coffee in my hands!

3. Yes! I am That Disney Adult! So much so THAT my husband Chris proposed to me at walt disney world!

I've been capturing families and couples' stories now since 2014, but Linden Bloom didn't come into full fruition until 2021. In life, our stories aren't tied up perfectly with a big red bow. There's ups, downs, and many wonderful things in between all of the chaos, but finding the perfect time for anything is never what I've been about. The real beauty of life comes from those raw and real moments that make up our life story. And my story involves lots of soul searching, trial and error, but what I found most inspiring was the love I had in my life.
Love is such a key part of everyone's story. The love of your family, to the love you give  and receive from your partner, and the love from all of those around you is one of the most beautiful things in this world. That's why I absolutely love what I do because I see that love, I see your story, and I am here to make sure we document all of those feelings and moments for you to have and to hold for a lifetime! 

Though life doesn't come with a perfect bow on top, with Linden Bloom Photo, you never have to worry about feeling perfect because you, your life, and your story are far more captivating and inspiring than any expectations you set for yourself. 

Love is a key part of everyone's story.

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As a photographer my mission is YOU! I can't emphasize that enough! From capturing your hugs and kisses, to rings on fingers, first dances, and all of the beautiful in between! I am so beyond excited to get to know you and your story, and if you want to see all of the other wonderful souls I've worked with, check out my portfolio below!