Husband + Wife wedding photography team located outside of Atlanta, GA - Lyndsey is your go-to-gal! She is the creative of the duo and lead photographer always with a vision. When she's not editing 24/7, she's hyping you up as your main correspondence throughout your whole wedding journey! Christopher is the more technical of the two. He's either capturing the magic of your day right beside Lyndsey as Linden Bloom Photo's main 2nd shooter when he's not 2nd shooting he's working hard behind the scenes for all of your technical and lighting needs! 

Capturing weddings since 2019, Linden Bloom Photo didn't come into full fruition until 2021 as the name was born from making the transition from a solo to a duo business and wanting to have a name that reflected them as a team! Linden derives from the actual meaning of Lyndsey's name (place of Linden trees) and Bloom illustrates growth, love, and flourishing, representing Lyndsey and Christopher as a team in their relationship as well as the countless beautiful love stories of couples they get to meet and work with every day!

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Think of your stereotypical Disney, Target and Starbucks lover and you've got Lyndsey down! Don't be fooled through her blonde, basic ways! As the creative of the two, Lyndsey has expressed herself through art her whole life, and combine that with her love of happily ever afters, wedding photography 'captured' her heart! Along with photographing monumental memories, she's a true homebody who enjoys snuggling up with the hubs especially during the Fall season; drinking a, you guessed it, PSL and watching documentaries or Disney Movies! When meeting her, the tatto'd lady will talk your ear off and want to hear every detail of your love story! She'll make you feel like you've been friends since Kindergarten! She cannot wait to capture your day!

It's true that opposites attract, and though they both are so different, Christopher finds so much joy in working alongside Lyndsey as their differences make them stronger as a team! Christopher is definitely not the artsy fartsy type, but he's the glue that holds their business together! Working by day in IT, when it comes to analytics, numbers and all the techie stuff, he's your man with the plan! He may not be as talkative, but if you get him started on Baseball, Star Wars or Video games, then you've got yourself an invite to our next game night! He's a big teddy bear and is loyal to the end. Not only is he an amazing husband, but he's the best soon to be dad to our son on the way! He can't wait to throw the ball and go to baseball games with him one day!

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